IYENGAR Yoga Classes with Angela Hulm
in Bromley & West Wickham Kent


The Iyengar method of yoga is named after our teacher Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar.
The teaching helps you focus on correct alignment of the body in poses ensuring you’re working safely, with maximum benefit to your flexibility, strength and wellbeing.
Classes generally start with simple poses and gradually move towards more advanced poses, ending with a period of relaxation and sometimes incorporating breathing techniques. Props, such as blocks and belts, are sometimes used in class to allow those with less strength or flexibility to work correctly and achieve their full potential.

The postures are very precise and you will be guided through them by experienced teachers who are trained to make appropriate adjustments for different physiques and for people with specific problems.
The classes can be hard work, as the poses involve intense stretching; however, you will leave the class feeling lighter and calmer. The immediate benefits of Yoga are greater flexibility and strength, and better physical health.
As you continue with your practice, psychological and spiritual benefits begin to appear.


"I have been going to Angela's classes for quite some years now. After experiencing other yoga teachers Angela's teaching technique and knowledge is far superior. She cares about each and every person in her class and knows of any ailments or problems and has helped us all. I had a knee and back problem for over a year and with Angela's help I am now back to full strength. I thoroughly recommend Angela's classes for vitality, fitness and relaxation - as well as a great group."

‘It’s great to relax!’

Jo C from West Wickham
"I have been going to Angela's classes for many years. She is an amazing teacher, very experienced and helpful during the class. The difference from Angela's classes than others I have attended are that you tell she loves what she teaches and she also makes sure you gain the benefit from her teaching by watching you in each posture and correcting any errors so that you learn exactly how do each pose right. I would certainly recommend Angela and her classes not only for fitness but for relaxation and benefits to health."

Sophie Fry
"I have been going to Angela's classes since the summer 2008, Angela showed me the bridge pose and wow I have never looked back. Back problems are now a thing of the past! Angela is a positive and inspiring person and a very caring and patient teacher :-)"

‘It really makes you think, and learn to control your body’

‘It’s really toned & tightened my bum!’ ‘I can’t believe I don’t get backache anymore’


75 minute class suitable if you are out of condition and need more support. A slower paced class so you get careful attention and time to understand how to practice yoga.
AH Yoga for All
Challenge yourself, relax more deeply. Carefully structured varied 75 or 90 minute classes will help you to deepen your yoga practice. Suitable for fit beginners and experienced practitioners. Restorative class every 4th week.


At Home at 21 Addington Rd West Wickham Kent BR4 9BW
Maximum 9 students – Daytime classes Saturday through to Thursday times vary every month, email registration and booking essential. Carpeted comfortable fully equipped home studio with ceiling fan. Blankets, bolsters, ropes, swing, and a backbender are available, as well as mats, bricks belts and blocks. 75 minute classes. Restorative class every 4th week. 6 classes for £45 or £45 per month unlimited attendance concessions available.
West Wickham Methodist Church
Weekly Classes Saturday 11am to 12:30pm 6 classes for £45 or £45 per month unlimited attendance - concessions available.
Assembly Halls
Weekly classes Tuesday evenings: 8pm-9.30pm Yoga for All in the Minor Hall Maximum 20 students 90 min evening class includes the full range of Introductory asanas and pranayamas, with some intermediate practices. Restorative class every 4th week. Clean modern laminate floor. Bring your yoga kit. Work at your level to improve your postures and experience the full benefits of yoga. 6 classes for £45 or £45 per month unlimited attendance. Buses 246, 138, 119, 314 and 353 run nearby.
Nuffield Health Bromley

AH Yoga News

AH Yoga classes run all year: book mark my calendar page to stay up to date with my timetable

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